Ride etiquette

The Club Run is not a race or a coaching ride. It is a social event with the purpose of allowing riders to achieve a basic level of cardiovascular fitness and  improve endurance. It can also be a pleasant stress reliever.

You do not have to do the whole route, there are always shorter (or longer) versions if your time/training plan/commitments dictate otherwise.
Cycle helmets are compulsory on RRCC club runs.

Do not ride "half a wheel" in front of the person next to you.

Ride at the pace of the group.

It is not a race, you do not win a club run.

Do not force the pace to make someone else feel uncomfortable.

Consider your fellow members and their ability - if necessary, modify your riding to accommodate slower riders.

Consider other road users.  We have an important role to ensure that the public who drive past us have a positive image about cyclists.

Normal formation should be two abreast.  This is the safest way for a group of cyclists to ride.  We are more visible when riding like this and vehicles manoeuvre past us in a way that treats us like another vehicle and therefore gives us more room.

Only ride in single file when necessary to allow traffic to pass on busy narrow roads.

No headphones or other in-ear music devices should be worn while riding with the group on the club ride.

Stay together!!!!!!!!!!!