Saturday 1st December 2018

A first for me … first at the roundabout. I know that as there was no one to talk to! However, Innis was visible to the east doing warm up reps on the cycle path towards the Auction Mart and Willie Mac was doing circuits, treating the roundabout as a velodrome. Eventually the peloton formed of Willie Mac, Prima Donna, the Boatman, Innis, Katrina, Elvis, Mary and apologies from shoeless Ken the Chef who did not make it from the carpark. On a bright cold morning Cannich was the order of the day with the Cnoc Hotel scheduled for the coffee stop.
Usual route via Maryburgh, Muir of Ord and saw a little bit of an erratic pace and grouping which settled down by the time we cleared Beauly. This was a recovery spin for Willie who is in full training for his Ultra distance road races, at times covering up to 240 miles a day, as he prepares for his round Ireland race early next year.
Along the Eskdale road following the glen, looking west towards the snow capped hills of Moidart has got to be my favourite club ride. Cutting off early at the first bridge we headed on to the Cnoc Hotel. Elvis was feeling poorly … (not that you could tell as the pace always went up when he and Prima Donna were on the front) so body-swerved the Cnoc and headed straight home. In the absence of Ken the Chef, and with no obvious pace maker for the Boatman, Katrina and Mary were the targets for his attention as he sought relief from the increasing tempo set by Elvis and Prima Donna … “I’m easing back for Mary and Katrina” he cried, as they both sat quite comfortably at the back of the bunch blethering away putting the world to rights.
It was a little chilly as we set off from the Cnoc but soon warmed as we set an even pace 18 mph in a tight group towards home … only to stop as the Boatman punctured his back tyre. Slight concern on his part as he had to be back in good time today. However, following one of the fastest tube changes to date, supported by a CO2 charge from Captain Rabbit we were once again making a good pace home. With Willie Mac and CR sitting on the front from before Beauly through to Maryburgh a comfortable metronomic pace of 18 mph was maintained.
Great ride out with enjoyable anecdotes from Willie on how to handle ultra distance training and events, with some hair raising insights into his former military career.
Captain Rabbit

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