Monthly Archives: November 2018

Saturday 17th November 2018

Blue skies and sunshine greeted me as I left the house, although there was a decided chill in the air, with the thermometer struggling to reach positive figures. Looking down the hill towards Dingwall, however, told a different story. A thick blanket of fog lay above the river Conon, and as I headed toward the…
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Saturday 10th November 2018

The WhatsApp group had been unusually silent on Friday evening, so despite the glorious sunshine I wasn't sure whether there would be many out this morning. Standing alone at the roundabout at 9:28am, things were not looking promising, and it certainly appeared that rumours circulating during the week that the Hammer planned a brief visit…
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Saturday 3rd November 2018

A hearty South-westerly wind and the remnants of a rain shower greeted me as I woke. I immediately reached for my phone, to see what excuse Elvis would have this week for failing to make his rendezvous to chaperone the two fair maidens of Inverness on their route to Maryburgh. Ahh, the old "my alarm…
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