Saturday 30th June 2018

El Parrot leapt slowly from his bed.RRCC day, this meant decisions! Firstly, new wave or retro top? Ahh no choice for the Parrot. So Retro ! How many layers to wear ? Temp outside 12 degrees , forecast 24degrees, answer... Rapha. Which bike? Now as is well known ,El Parrot had parted company with his pants Parlee. He had returned to the true path and now had a Colnago with NO DISC BRAKES! However he did have some skin missing due to new saddle interaction. This was mostly due to Thursday night chain gang. All had seemed good as the pensioner peloton assembled ,but they were infiltrated by young Obi Wan and this meant much extra leg work by El Parrot and the other pensioners. So it was Wilier time with a narrow saddle. So in need of mental rest he reached the roundabout. 5-2 said El Parrot, President Frump frowned , thinking this was the predicted winning score for Colombia in their next game! It fact new kit 5 , Retro kit 2 . 2+5 =7 and 8 riders! Ahh yes pink Barbie was also in attendance but obviously stung by criticism from the cycling fashionista he was sporting a Giro jersey (some pink) and pink socks( woolly!!!). The captain then surveyed his crew and announced that they looked an elite bunch( El Parrot was feeling not so elite in the leg department) and hence on route to Cannich we would tackle the fearsome Beauly Alps!!!!!!!!!
Off the Peloton rode, up the Corrie Road, were the Captain received a yellow card from a driver as we had stopped to let him past but apparently not in an official passing place!
The Alp grew steep , the after effect of following Obi wan on Thursday seemed to be causing the Parrot legs to turn to jelly. At last downhill, then ,uphill again and then down to the valley at last and the “gentle” climb to Cannich.
El Parrot soon found he was in was in danger of being cast adrift but the captain, barbie and round the Ben, decided to chaperone him along.
El Parrots new bike has tubeless tyre so no punctures ever??? BUT today on the Wilier that was not the case. The sun shone and the Captain announced that he has been watching U tube and was very slick at punctures and could he demonstrate?
Of course said El Parrot, with reluctance.
10 minuets later , bemoaning Campagnolo and a lack of signal for U tube consultation he admitted defeat as he had not even managed to remove the wheel. The remaining team took over and all was well and eventually the peloton was reunited at the Bog Cotton. Wonderful thing this Global Warming ,said President Frump. Allows dining outside in June and no midges! The boatman , Iron Bru and Wavey nodded , as in off to sleep. Suitably refreshed the peloton headed back to Beauly with what seemed to be a headwind ( not of old master proportions) but enough for El Parrot to lurk at the back.The Alp du Agais was reached and Captain Rabbit became Captain tugboat and towed ElParrot and Wavey back to the bunch at The Lovat Corner . A pleasant return to base followed( At least it was pleasant at the back and El Parrot felt his jelly legs were solidifying! The final climb to Parrot Towers proved otherwise!

El Parrot

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