Saturday 9th June 2018

..and the sun never did appear.
Ah where's Ken when you need him - to steady the pace, or Big Al - our writer in residence, or Julian/Jim to blow a whistle from time to time?
So, rudderless we set off, eight of us that is, with Tomich the destination and Scott and Dave from Cromarty Firth CC to show us the way. How nice to have two visitors to ride with us. Does Stacey count as a visitor? It was just like old times as he breezed up Kinnairdie Brae. Huh - and we thought we were getting faster since he left to pursue various activities in the deep south. Think again.
The well formed group rode well to Tomich with the pace depending on who sat at the front. Suffice to say when I was there we held a nice steady pace. If only others would learn from my example.
We were impressed by the new system in Tomich - go and sit down and we'll bring your order all together. It worked well, although carrying eight litres of coffee in a oner (wonner?) deserves praise. (The large coffees are very large!)
Ready to head off home, Scott proved himself to be a glutton for punishment. He'd cycled about 70 miles by now and his house was a mere downhill mile from the cafe, but no, he'd escort us up the hill towards Alness. What a man!
And an uneventful hour later, the two Keiths, Davie, Donna, Stacey and myself arrived back at Dingwall. Sprinting to the 30 is of course banned on club rides so nothing to report there.
A great ride today - no sun but hey, too much is not good for you.

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