Saturday 23rd December (2)

‘Twas the ride before Christmas,
And the wind was quite wild,
All over Ross-shire
And on the Black Isle.

At the Maryburgh roundabout
Five hardy souls met,
No holiday slacking
For these cyclists yet.

Katrina was wearing
Some nice festive gear –
We went up the Leanaig
With a cycling reindeer.

With Ken and Mary
And No-Fear Al,
I made up the five
Christmas cycling pals.

At the top of the Leanaig,
Katrina said ‘Enough!’
Her bike was too light,
The wind was too rough.

In the Mulbuie head wind
Using all our power,
We got our speed up
To 10k per hour.

The wind was just crazy
Survival was key
So we tacked down to Redcastle,
Hoping to find trees.

On into the hurricane,
No-Fear Al led the charge.
The gusts made me wish
I was slightly more large.

There no Captain Rabbit –
No blasts of the whistle,
We were just trying to stay upright
And not land in dead thistles.

But then just as the wind
Was driving us potty,
We made it to Beauly
And Cafe Biagotti.

Teas and coffees were ordered
Also scones and cake,
We stayed in there for ages
Hoping the wind would abate.

With the wind at our backs,
On our two wheeled steeds,
We made it all the way home
With near lightning speed.


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