Monthly Archives: November 2017

Saturday 18th November

A catastrophically un-tactical visit to the toilets of the Cnoc Hotel, just as discussion turned to write-up duties, finds me sitting at the keyboard. On return to the bar to the news that the unanimous vote was that I had drawn the short straw, correction – had been awarded the short straw, my protestations that,…
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Saturday 11th November 2017

Roll-up, Roll-up... It is never an auspicious (nor indeed pleasant) start to a club ride when one is overtaken by a gritting lorry en-route to the roundabout. Expectations were therefore low for a large turnout, and so it proved. Excuses started to arrive by both electronic and verbal communications: Julian had gallantly completed the arduous…
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Saturday 4th November: blue legs on the Black Isle

A good turnout of 10 riders congregated at the roundabout; well 9 actually, Ken was running a little late but eventually joined us (some story about no car keys). Attendees were: Cap’n Jim, Irish John, Maestro John, Stephen (The Inspector), Al ‘No’ Fear, Mary, Donna, Innes, Ken and myself. As any boy scout will tell…
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