Saturday 21st October 2017

With this being my only third outing with Ross-shire road, as I am not a member yet and I point out “yet”. You could say I’m an outsider looking in. I always like to be early, just in case I have any problems with the bike, like with the back brake and is why I have been volunteered to do this week’s report. The less said about that the better….

I will put my hands up now, as my wife “Alison” will tell you, I’m not great with names till I get to know you all better. So if I get someone’s name wrong, sorry.

As I said; this is only my third outing and for me the biggest turn out for a Saturday ride, (eleven in total). After a bit of discussion, it was decided to have our cake stop at Tomich. It also made a nice change that storm Brian left this part of the country untouched, making it a pleasant day to be on our bikes. As I said eleven started the ride and we all made it to Tomich, despite Julian’s puncture, although I do think we need to do a weigh in, if anything just to give Julian some weight. What do you think Malky… 😉

Everyone headed off and over the back road to Evanton, so it wasn’t long before we were fairly spread out along the climb re-gathering at a suitable point at the top. We were soon off, heading down the long road to Evanton which was my start point for my ride for the day.

After getting through Alness and onto the back road to Tain, we had another re-group. It was at that point, that someone said that Julian is going by another route and will meet us at Tomich. It was only once I had seen good old Strava afterword that I found out Julian had had a puncture. Anyway we cracked on along the back road, with Jim falling back to keep Gary company. The rest of us took the second turnoff to head down towards Kildary while Jim and Gary took the first turning. This worked out well for them as they meet the rest of us where the two roads come together.

When we left Kildary I decided to stick with Jim to help Gary along to Tomich. The rest turned off at Barbaraville to cross the A9 and come into Tomich from the North, while Jim, Gary and myself carry on to Invergordon before heading to Tomich. As we headed to the sport centre, Jim received a phone call, letting know that everyone arrived at Tomich. (Just in case any police just happen to read this, Jim did stop to take the call) ;-).

After Tomich, there was a split in the group. I was in the front group which stayed together until junction at the Alness golf course. Julian announced that he wanted to do a bit extra, by going right up the hill instead of going straight into Alness and if anyone would like to join him. While I was still thinking about it, Malky said he would come. I then said I would come, as the ones that know me know, I always like to get a bit of distance in. With me doing some chain gang seasons last year with Julian and Malky, going with Julian would be a good workout…. I was not wrong and I go back to my earlier comment of there should be weigh in…

Once in Dingwall, Malky cut off and headed back to Maryburgh while I cracked on with Julian to Strathpeffer.

Over all, I enjoyed the ride and company and look forward joining you more often.


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