Saturday 30th September 2017

Half a tonne to Cannich

The last Saturday of September dawned bright with a touch of autumn in the air. With most of the club away for various reasons (just how many holidays does an RRCC member have each year?) six turned up for the ride to Cannich. Welcome to Malky, Julie and Will. Ken, John and Keith were there for the regulars.
There are some rides where the route out is clearly a head/tail wind with the opposite on the way home. If you’ve ridden to Cannich, You’ll know that this rule does not apply going up the Strath. It’s always a head wind both ways! Ah well, such is life.
The conversation somehow turned to the optimum weight for a cyclist with John (me) doing his usual making up of statistics. Despite this, it did occur to us that (Julie aside) the group did not include any lightweights. In fact a back of an envelope calculation had us at half a tonne. Keep out of our way!
So this mega group hit the road on the way back and silly old Keith decided he was going to go early for the sprint into Beauly. You can ask him next time whether he made it.
A great ride. Great company and all round good fun.


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