Saturday 24th June 2017

With strong gusty south westerlies, route choice was easy - particularly as we had a peloton of only three made up of El Parrot, Elvis and Rabbit. The Old Master made a cameo appearance in his suit to check muster, before going onto to attend David MacMillan's Funeral at Inverness Crematorium accompanied by some other club members who also knew the family.

52 miles, 3600 ft of climbing at an average speed of 16.9 mph. Cannich and Bog Cotton via the wee hills above Muir of Ord and Beauly before dropping down and crossing the bridge to Culburnie rise, then on through the ancient Parish of Essich. We were rolling well then - a dead stop when we came upon a traffic jam with a Tesco delivery van stuck behind three massive tractor trailers unloading and stacking hay rolls for what appeared to be the the winter stock for the entire glen. Feeling rather inadequately dressed, right of passage was granted after some friendly negotiation with some real men of vintage farming stock. With bikes over shoulders we managed to squeeze between the convoy and fence along the grass verge and ditch, until we once again found the freedom of open road.

It was nearly noon by the time we reached Bog Cotton. Windy testing conditions ...Time for brunch ... my first full breakfast whilst out on a bike ride...Superb!

The run back down the glen via Aigas was fast with mostly an advantage gained from the strong gusty conditions. With a regular rotation we soon made Beauly. Elvis left the building at Muir of Ord with El Parrot and Rabbit cruising back to the start in Maryburgh at a steady tempo. A fine day out indeed with good company.


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