Saturday 20th May 2017

The forecast was correct, it was indeed raining and showing no sign of stopping. El parrot donned his gear and with a sense of resignation headed down to the roundabout. On arrival he found only the Old master and Donizetti awaiting him. Now it is a known fact that Donizetti does not enjoy the cold or the wet, both of which had put in an appearance today, so the fact that she had chosen to wear shorts was rather unexpected. The Old master wisely had brought his mudguards. El Presidente was awaited and awaited but it seemed “something had come up”. Eventually we set of in search of the hoped for fire at Cromarty.
Up Findon hill, and El Parrot certainly warmed up, enough to remove his jacket, however Donizetti announced that her feet were cold and needed another hill, preferably nearer to Inverness. So back towards Culbokie and into the wind and rain, perhaps the jacket off was indeed premature. Up Mount Eagle and Donizetti cried enough and headed home. Now this left El Parrot alone with the Old Master, as many will testify this can be a bad situation, especially for ones legs. El Parrot had a plan….. Big time wheel sucking. This was working well, until the Old master remembered his whistle! Along the Killin straight we sped and the down through the Fairy glen to the Costa Rosemarie. In the interests of market research we decided to try the Crofters Bistro, only drawback, not open until 11am. Still 5 minutes enjoying the balmy conditions were no problem. A lack of scones and bacon rolls forced us to eat carrot cake. This cake seemed to have divergent effects as El parrot toiled up the hill out of Fortrose and the Old master disappeared up the hill! Still it continued to rain as we headed home .At last we descended hill reps and as the Old master departed his parting words were “ Guess who is doing the write up!”

El Parrot

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