Saturday 23rd January 2016

Not having cycled for 3 months I thought my 1st cycle should be a shortish one so having checked with Clifford where the coffee stop was to be I drove to Culbokie and met the group at the top of Findon hill and off we went to Cromarty, It was fairly easy at first because as we found out later we had a gale blowing us along and the Cullycudden straight was a doddle.   I was at the back until we got to the shore at Newall then we turned into a very strong wind and the whistle went for my turn at the front, I think I managed about 400yds in front before Clifford took pity on me and blew his whistle again.

So the  two Keiths, Mary, Clifford ,Katrina, Kevin, Alasdair and I rolled up to Coopers Creek for our cake,scone,bacon sarnie etc - in my case to fortify myself for the trip back.

So as we started back I tucked myself in at the back and I managed to hang on whilst the rest of the guys battled into the gale. As we were trying to get some shelter cycling along the low road past Resoles Hall, Keith H punctured and some of the group stayed to help him while the rest of us cycled on.

Kevin and Keith E pulled me all the way up the Cullicudden hill and I can tell you it’s a lot easier to tuck in behind Kevin than Keith [no offence Kev].  The others caught us up just before Culbokie and I trailed in at the coo’s tail.

To sum up the run, I think I probably need a lung transplant or even an extra lung if that’s possible, but its great to get out again.


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