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Majorcan holiday,:
As some of you probably know I had a pretty nasty accident while I was in Majorca on our October holiday and as a result ive been knocked about a bit so won't be cycling for a while, however I’m healing and once I get myself and my bike sorted I’LL BE BACK.
I would like to thank everyone that was with me on the holiday for all the help and encouragement they gave me.  That really helped me to get over the crash.  So, thanks Donna, Stacey, Clifford , Margaret ,Jeanette, Susan, Ellie and Sam who all did their bit.
Thanks  also to everyone for the messages of support,  even the ones that told me about the nice things they were having for dinner while I was eating mashed slop in the hospital  [Angus] .
My advice to everyone is don’t cycle near car doors that might open .
Chairman Ken.

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  1. Hi Ken Hope you are recovering well. I have also had an accident. One thing I have learned, is that us old guys don't bounce like we did in our 20/30. Curling and bowling look more interesting by the minute. Regards Trevor Cameron

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